The Forget me not

This flower name is an English translation of the French, ‘ne m’oubliez pas’. 

There is a legend from the Middle Ages about a knight and his lady who were walking near a river. He was picking flowers for her, and wearing heavy armor when he accidentally fell in the river. Before he sunk below the water, he threw the flowers to her, shouting, “Forget me not!” 
Lovers wore Forget Me Nots in 15th century Germany to remember each other when they were apart. Since these times, the flower has been associated with romance, faithfulness, and everlasting love.

Egyptian healers believed that if you placed the leaves of this plant over your eyes during certain times of the year, you would have visions. The flower was considered sacred to the Egyptian god Thoth, god of wisdom.

Some people say that this blue flower, though quite small in size, expresses sweet memories of true and faithful love, a soft cry- ‘Do not forget’ the sunny and cloudy days of a deep relationship.

Armenian Poet Shiraz regarding the origin of forget-me-not:

It was in the golden morning of the early world, when an angel sat weeping outside the closed gates of Eden. He had fallen from his high estate through loving a daughter of the earth, nor was he permitted to enter again until she whom he loved had planted the flowers of the forget-me-not in every corner of the world. He returned to the earth and assisted her, and they went hand-in-hand over the world planting the forget-me-not. When their task was ended, they entered Paradise together; for the fair woman, without tasting the bitterness of death, became immortal like the angel, whose love her beauty had won, when she sat by the river twining the forget-me-not in her hair.” 

I think there is something magical in this little flower… 

Something hypnotising in this blue colour… I just saw them when I went for a little walk. And I had to stop, just to stare at their beauty 😉

So, I was taking photos of forget me nots today like some crazy person, who really wants people to forget them not 😉

The forget-me-not legend. I think it really fits me…

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