We live in a house of mirrors

“We live in a house of mirrors 
and think we are looking out the windows.”   ~ Fritz Perls


I was wondering for some time what this sentence means for me.
Then I realised it is about how we perceive ourselves and our surroundings – how we, sometimes, fail to see that life reflects us back to ourselves.
What I mean is that we often forget that world we look at out the window is actually a big mirror. Basically, we are looking at ourselves mirrored back to us by others and by the events of our life. Does that make any sense? I think I went a little bit too far with my philosophical thoughts again… In simplest sentence possible: the world you see is a reflection of yourself. Do you believe in it? I do.

Of course everything depends on how do you see The World out of the window… and everything that is related to it.

I think that once you are aware of how you see the reality (reflected by yourself and others) you keep in your hands this special treasure: deep knowledge about your inner self… And that, automatically brings empowerment, change, discovery and consciousness.

So here comes my question: tell me how wide is The World out of your window? And if it’s a happy place?

Before answering…open your eyes and open your mind… Without the colours of your past and the shadows of your fears…

* I took those photos from Pinterest. Actually it took my long time to decide which one I will put in this post as there are plenty of them which are so incredibly beautiful.

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2 Responses to We live in a house of mirrors

  1. ishootgood says:

    Nice work! I like the first one especially!

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