yellow sea

First of all: these are not my photos. I didnt even ask the owner for permission to publish them here and I might be in trouble now.

But they are so so georgous! Those colours make me smile and sight with mind full of thankful thoughts: how beautiful nature is. 

My auntie took those pisctures during one of her usual bicyckle rides. Basically she jumps on her bike (with camera in her backpack) and of you go… she cyckle through old paths, enjoying nature and admiring beauty of nature… I love her pictures and believe me: she does them a lot! 😉 I love those one especially as they remind me the beauty of my country during a spring time. We dont have sun here at the moment (I think that there is November in UK 😉 lol) so when looking at those pictures I can fulfil my mind with substitute of warmish and most colourful atmosphere 😉

More of those beautiful photos you can find here:

Enjoy 😉

* Photos by Tunia Korniak.

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4 Responses to yellow sea

  1. Tina says:

    Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a beautiful field of flowers! These photos are amazing. Your Auntie is so lucky to have such a beautiful place to ride and take such breathtaking photos. I get such a calm, relaxing feeling looking at these. I would love to see your country during the spring. It must be SO beautiful.

    I hope you are not in trouble, but thank you for taking the risk in showing us! 😉 I hope you’re having a delightful day, Poojy. 🙂

    • poojycat says:

      I know and I agree with you fully! When I saw those pictures first time I have fallen in love with them immediately! Considering the fact that NOW I am suffering from chronic luck of sun (lol!), it was really understandable by my auntie that I couldn’t resist with putting those photos here ;D She forgave me though, being actually more happy with my idea than I excepted ;D yay! Happy lovely and happy again Monday to you!!!

  2. They remind me of many of my cross-country drives in the spring and summer. 😀

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