Free like a ladybird…

There is something in it. Being free like a ladybird…

To be free like a ladybird I imagine that I could or I would or / and I should:

1. Remember to be whatever makes me happy. I should generally try to focus on the positive side of the world.

2. Forget about other people and their comments. This is my life and it’s only mine.

3. Not let people tell me how to live my life. I want be myself, and be true. I don’t have a reason to doubt in myself…

4. Travel somewhere to clear my mind, maybe I’ll discover some new thoughts that may change my life!

5. Read some philosophical thoughts. Maybe I’ll find that my personality existed many centuries ago… that could be a fun 😉

6. Change my appearance from time to time. It is a fun way to encourage inner change (fun clothes will encourage me to be fun!) but should never be confused with the real thing.

7. Be aware of what I am doing. … change begins with consciousness. If I am aware of what I am doing, I can change my behaviour.

8. Remember, (although I may have a few problems with it), I am special and unique, and no one can change that.

9. Learn to love myself, or no one else will.

10. Smile, cheer myself up and be proud.

11. NOT EVER give up..

11. Forget about my old life.

12. Try not to place so much value and time into thinking about what other people think.

13. Be myself. I can change myself anytime and as many times I want.

It’s simple. I just need to live my life as it is, now, not tomorrow. Tomorrow might be too late.

* I based those list on Gandhi philosophy about changing yourself. I hope you enjoyed it.

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2 Responses to Free like a ladybird…

  1. Tina says:

    Poojy, this is such a open, beautifully written post…. one that everyone could learn from. If all of us could do this, we would be a much happier species.

    The photos are spectacular! I so love a ladybug.

  2. poojycat says:

    I love ladybug too! thanks for such a warm words Tina! Personally I think that we should have a list like that and try to follow it. Or… you could add some points to mine and we could create something really special 😉

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