this thought in my mind

there is this thought in my mind

it’s naive,

it’s dreamy

unreal I ask myself

it’s like a bird in a small cage

trying to find the way out

this thought in my mind…

it’s also a wish

I wonder I think I dream

about this thought

and how to make it real

this thought…

it’s about a thing 

that can make my life complete

and then I think

we all

have those kind of dreams…

different to each of us

this thought

its like hope

we all pray to be accurate

and real

this thought in my mind

might be 

a beginning

of a new life I dream for

but then it’s still

chained to unconsciousness powers

dark forces

and unknown strengths

of my other I

that stop me from

being free

this thought in my mind… 

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2 Responses to this thought in my mind

  1. Ian Moone says:

    I like the thinking processes going on in this

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