what if

what if
my choices are not
the one
I really would like to make
I think I do chose right
and believe
the wrong is put behind
but what if
I am wrong this time
and missed the right
thinking its wrong somehow
should I create a prayer then
to those who
life are exist up there
in case I make such a mistake
I could
not really undo my choice
but be forgiven for
I thought was wrong
or right
that makes me even more confused
I can't be never sure
I could put trust 
into my heart
but then
there is my brain
that almost make me laugh
right, wrong
oh, it gets worse
when other people
want to help me
to make a choice...
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2 Responses to what if

  1. Ian Moone says:

    Thought provoking, I know what you mean about other people trying to help

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