or two
does it really matter 
how many times
you smiled at me?
past can embrace
and put you 
in a cage
built of dark glass
I do actually
prefer to be a prisoner
of this 
what happens now
allow me for that
or more times
so please

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10 thoughts on “one…

  1. really liking it, can one ask is this Polish past tense like french? I have to admit in my head I rearrange the tense, I do it at home as well as I am the only English person in the bedsit I live in.

    • if I could answer to that… I have no idea if Polish and French past tense are alike :) I am guessing it must be quite interesting and also… educational for you sharing home with other nationalities? :)

      • I really enjoy it yes, but sometimes I get really confused and have to wait while someone translates for me :)

      • That must be fun as well :) I remember how embarassing was my “baby english” few years back! when people were looking at me with this bizzare expression on their faces, trying to figure out what the hell I just wanted to say! :D

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