which mask

which mask
should I wear today
I ask myself
knowing that
choice will be hard
to make
maybe the one
a gentle smile?
will fit perfectly
make others relax
or maybe this
a little crinkle
between my eyes?
that will suggest
I’m worried
but not too much
I also have one
wrinkled nose
this one
could  rather imply
I dislike someone
I’m not wearing that
Maybe the one
that look
like a stone?
smooth cold
expressing nothing
not even small interest
in world around…
I feel frustrated now
wardrobe with masks
is too big
rummaging around
I try
but really can’t decide…
what if
I won’t wear it
Questions and fear
Can I really by myself
a mask?


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6 Responses to which mask

  1. Ian Moone says:

    ah mask wearing concealment and game faces, good words and picture

  2. dentcow says:

    This is really great, you know your personality isn’t you. Very spiritual thinking, love

  3. Very good one! Thank you for this! Spread this message far and wide ~
    with Love,

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