red panda

Interesting Red Panda Facts

– The Red Panda is about the size of a raccoon and weighs 7 to 14 pounds. They are about 20 to 26 inches long with their tail an additional 12 to 20 inches.

– Their other names include: Bear-cat, Bright Panda, Cat-bear, Fire Fox, Lesser Panda, Petit Panda and Poonya.

– Their claws are partially retractable. They have an extended bone which is like a “thumb.”

– Red pandas live 12 to 14 years.

– Over the winter red pandas often lose up to 15% of their body weight.

– Red pandas are endangered mainly due to loss of habitat, but also due to hunting for their fur to make hats, etc.

– Red pandas are most active in the early morning and late afternoon. They sleep in trees with their tails curled around themselves.

–  They communicate using body language and a variety of sounds, including a warning whistle.

–  The red panda’s tail helps its balance when climbing. Red pandas move slowly on the ground.








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6 Responses to red panda

  1. Ania A. says:

    Great photos, red pandas are so cute.

  2. spiderpaw says:

    Great photos. I think he wants you to take him home and call him Panda Poojy. 🙂

  3. Great photos, and so cute 🙂

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