River otters

Interesting Information About River Otters. They:
  • can hold their breath for up to 8 minutes.
  • spend two-thirds of the time on land and can run at a speed of 29 km/hour.
  • have ears and nose with a special skin that closes and keeps them watertight underwater.
  • have long strong guard hairs, which form the outer coat and protect the finer and denser under-fur of the body.
  • are normally near-sighted above water.
  • often use the senses of sound, touch and smell to communicate with each other.
  • always clean themselves after having meals.
  • Eyes of river otters have special lenses that aid in underwater vision.

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3 Responses to River otters

  1. i love the cute things, but they are rare in hk, we can only visit them in Ocean Park.

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