be secure

You see, there is fear as long as you want to be secure- secure in your marriage, secure in your job, in your position, in your responsibility, secure in your ideas, in your beliefs, secure in your relationship to the world or in your relationship to God.
The moment the mind seeks security or gratification in any form, at any level, there is bound to be fear; and what is important is to be aware of this process and understand it. It is not a matter of so-called purity.
The mind which is alert, watchful, which is free of fear, is an innocent mind; and it is only the innocent mind that can understand reality, truth or God.  
Jiddu Krishnamurti 

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4 Responses to be secure

  1. Krishnamurti, is a poignant writer.

  2. Robyn Lee says:

    Yes – I get this ~ the universe does not hear the word “no” 🙂 It is only from deepest self – our source that we should request what is wanted and needed in any given moment … this quote says it beautifully poojy! xo

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