he is

he is 
a shadow of a man
that fills in
my persona
creating one

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17 Responses to he is

  1. Bruce Ruston says:

    I can relate to that recently I think I know what your saying

  2. This writing can be taken in so many different ways and it’s exhilarating!!! I love that you specifically wrote, “..a shadow of man.” and I noticed you didn’t put (of a man) to me that makes me think of “society” that most of us struggle against. You used only 15 words and with that in mind…this is only one of my views in which I ponder regarding “he is”. Rock on, my friend!

  3. Robyn Lee says:

    This is quite provocative poojy ~ makes me wonder about this β€œshadow of a man” who has taken up some space in you…. Wonderful write!! xo

  4. 1girl4adamwest says:

    You wrote “shadow of man” I can’t wait to read your responses, to get your take. A great writer brings forth many ideas from their readers and I love this because you have done, just that!

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