lets drink from the lake of life

lets drink from the lake of life
so things can happen
you will abruptly notice
how brightness illuminates what’s cold
and shame becomes carefree
there will be no need
to look for an answers
because all questions will disappear
this tasty liquid 
quickly melting in your mouth 
will awake arteries of hope
accelerate the rhythm in the veins of kindness
you will suddenly feel strong
and free
from daily monotony
time will change its shape
you stop to count lost seconds
and understand
what is important
and worth to fight for
your powerfully beating heart
will immediately
drown all fears
that melt away
like snow
on a warm spring day

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7 Responses to lets drink from the lake of life

  1. Lets do so! Cheers my friend!!! Ahhhhhhhh *Mega Smiles*

  2. Robyn Lee says:

    ‘The Lake of Life” – Ok I will toast to that with you xo

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