I need a little prayer

I thought I will ask my friends - bloggers for a little prayer and positive thought for my friend. 
I think the best way to describe events is putting it in Magda words:
on sat morning my boyfriend died in motorbike accident; 
i remember that morning i was looking at him dressing up and thinking how beautiful he is and worrying: “why are u in such a rush, rodriginio?” i asked, but he he didn’t answer, just smiled, embraced me and said “i love u” than gave me sweet, sweet kiss and head off. 
later that day i called him twice but he didn’t call back- the panic was growing in my heart as i knew streets ware very dodgy from this confusing weather, i couldn’t stay home waiting so went to visit my friend; i didn’t sleep all night just was calling him in my head and asking to get in touch- i was hoping he is drinking with his mates and left his mobile at home 

first time i met rodrigo on last sunday of may- i went to park to exercise and saw that beautiful rasta brother playing with friends, i felt instant attraction so i quickly run home, had shower and put on make up and new, green dress; i came back to park and sit few meters from him, pretending im reading book

when i caught his eyes i smiled, he walked to me and asked if i need some water, “of course” I replayed and sipped from his bottle 

from day one he filled my life with passion, laughter and really good music, respect and consideration of others people feeling was huge thing for him

i couldnt sleep last night we spend almost everyday together and i remember every ditile 
our first conversation, our first kiss, concert, sex, breakfast, festival, trip, he was my other half face, every day i was more and more amazed how compatible we are

it is first time i felt such a pain, but i need to stay strong, i need to help his family and friends to sort out his things, i need to see him today
please, if you belief, pray with me for peaceful transition for rodrigo and strength for his mum and rest of family,
im not sure what im going to do next but
i know that true love exist and its the most beautiful thing in the world, so please, do not waste your time.

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16 Responses to I need a little prayer

  1. Blue Girl says:

    So sorry for your friend. Sending kind thoughts and sympathy.

  2. danajoward says:

    Of course I will be praying for you and his family and friends. I am so sorry that you lost your boyfriend. Take one day at a time, allow yourself to cry and to say goodbye until you meet again. It will take some time for all of this to sink in not only for you, but for his family. Be there for each other no matter how long it takes to grieve. Sending you a hug and my prayers. 🙂

  3. Robyn Lee says:

    Oh my sweet beautiful friend — Poojy I am sooo sorry to hear this tragic news. I can’t imagine how devastated you must feel in this shock and this loss. I will keep Rodrigo in my heart and prayers – and you and his family too. I do believe if you keep this love in your heart – his energy will live on through you. Blessings and Love to you ~ Robyn

    • poojycat says:

      Thank you so much Robyn for this kindness and positive thoughts. I am still pending on events that happened over last few days. I was sharing my friend pain and it made so warm inside that she managed her first days of dealing with shock. So many, too many emotions…

      • Robyn Lee says:

        I am continuing to keep you in thought and prayer Poojy… please hang in … it will get better with time, but for now just breathe deep and feel his presence alive within you. Sending Love dear one… xxoo

      • poojycat says:

        thank you, thank you so much dear Robyn, because what you are writing here is so right.. xxo

  4. Very sorry for your loss.

  5. Bruce Ruston says:

    so sorry to hear this, one is mindful of what to say in times like these I often which I could turn to my grandad for some wisdom. Maybe I should turn to your wisdom instead and not waste my time.

    • poojycat says:

      don’t waste it. Love and give love others, with respect and positive vibrations… I suddenly understood that we should appreciate what we have in our life now, at this particular moment – not when it’s too late for that… and so thank you for support

  6. abichica says:

    sad to hear this.. sending you much huggs and prayers..

  7. elisaruland says:

    You must feel like the woman in the image in your latest post. Underwater and feeling short of breath. I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your boyfriend. My heart aches for you.


    • poojycat says:

      Strangely, but I felt more like in an action movie when we found out about him being dead. He was such a bright and full of sun person. But now, I feel more or less like on this picture from last post – “still”… trying to learn breathing deeply. Thank you so much for warm words and such a lovely support Elisa xxo

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