All Saints’ Day

Let Us Hurry

Let us love people now they leave us so fast
the shoes remain empty and the phone rings on
what's unimportant drags on like a cow
the meaningful sudden takes us by surprise
the silence that follows so normal it's hideous
like chastity born most simply from despair
when we think of someone who's been taken from us.

Don't be sure you have time for there's no assurance
as all good fortune security deadens the senses
it comes simultaneously like pathos and humour
like two passions not as strong as one
they leave fast grow silent like a thrush in July
like a sound somewhat clumsy or a polite bow
to truly see they close their eyes
though to be born is more of risk than to die
we love still too little and always too late.

Don't write of it too often but write once and for all
and you'll become like dolphin both gentle and strong.

Let us love people now they leave us so fast
and the ones who don't leave won't always return
and you never know while speaking of love
if the first one is last or the last one first.

Jan Twardowski

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2 Responses to All Saints’ Day

  1. Beautiful! and I agree! Love as much as possible.

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