so beautifully described that I need to share 🙂
“Most of all, be you.”

The Water Witch's Daughter

For all the times you shout your authenticity,

we hear your cries of insecurity while we watch you follow the crowd.

Let us see you, not the shadow of those you emulate.

Stop holding hands with who you want to be and hold your own hand.

Let not the opinions of others form your world when you can think for yourself.

Instead of trying so hard to fit in, allow others to find a way to fit in your world.

Reach not for someone to show you the way when you hold the map within you.

You must trust your own voice before trusting others to tell you who you are.

You must grope the dark caverns of your soul before reaching the mountain top.

You must experience the difference between the identity and the breath of life.

Let your heart be a salve and your soul a light as…

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