there is also

there is also a women
maybe she is the other me?
You know
like hot and cold
like dark and light
like no and yes
like bad and good
I feel her

she wants to have all playing cards
to play
for playing
cards games
with her life
I share
  exactly half cards with her
in timeless world
  in wooden house
where silence sleeps 
some other people dreams
I didn’t even know when
or how
just suddenly it all became
I understand
I have the card
I keep it in my hand
she only wants this one
Queen Heart
I don’t really hesitate
I instinctively know
and do
I take this card with me
Queen Heart
I’m walking away
leaving the rest of playing cards
and here it is
in me
a peaceful land
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12 Responses to there is also

  1. Beautiful my friend and I’m going back up to read again!!!!

  2. Beautiful. I love this. Exquisite.

  3. Unique thought and love the photo.

  4. elisaruland says:

    A very lovely and interesting poem.

  5. sakuraandme says:

    OMG! This is my favorite so far! I could relate to this and found the end comforting!
    Your picture is awesome too! ……Paula x

  6. camc1105 says:

    Great stuff. I look forward to following your blog.

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