the truth of the moment




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10 Responses to love

  1. Is that a miniature puppy??? and both of those fellas have to kindest smiles (even the one in the background thats blurry) you can totally see their warm smiles. NOW! is that a puppy?

  2. sakuraandme says:

    Oh No!!! That’s the sweetest thing ever!!! ……Paula x

  3. πŸ™‚ Oh so cute. ItΒ΄s always hard to see those photos. Makes me think I need more cats but that is not possible πŸ™‚

    • poojycat says:

      i know, really cute! πŸ™‚ sounds like you already have few cats πŸ™‚ they are so lovely! and cuteee πŸ™‚

      • No. Just the one cat I showed in my blog. But thought about getting one more cat so that my cat has someone to play. I play with her but I bet it is better for her if there would be another fellow member of her species.

        Might happen in 2013. I just meant that it is difficult to see kitten photos because there are thousands of cute cats and I cant have them all πŸ˜€ As they all are so cute. But one more is possible and planned. I save already some money for the vet costs in case I buy one more cat this year.

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