“God or truth cannot be thought about.
If you think about it, it is not truth.
Truth cannot be sought: it comes to you.
You can go only after what is known.
When the mind is not tortured by the known, by the effects of the known, then only can truth reveal itself.
Truth is in every leaf, in every tear; it is to be known from moment to moment.
No one can lead you to truth; and if anyone leads you, it can only be to the known.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Photo: Tunia Korniak


Photo: Tunia Korniak


Photo: Tunia Korniak

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12 Responses to truth

  1. Fire in the sky. Beautiful.

  2. Truth is freedom just like these photos!

  3. Krishnamurti’s words are like fire in the sky… Good to let them sink in really, really deeply.
    with Love,

    • poojycat says:

      i totally agree with you. i love to read his thought from time to time, especially when he admires nature and beauty within it 🙂 Love and Light xo

      • That is one of the things that attracted me to him. In his Journal and his Notebook he begins almost every entry with a transcendent description of nature.
        I see how many of us are standing on his shoulders in what we do –
        In gratitude,

      • poojycat says:

        yes, i don’t really know what i can add 🙂 all the best dear friend!

  4. sakuraandme says:

    Love it! Hugs Paula x

  5. Cafe says:

    STUNNING photos! Just takes my breath away 🙂

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