one in the moment

being one in the moment
she knew
and was sure
her path is right
and clear
so safe she felt
in this presence
her own existence
touch of the wind on her cheeks
warm sun stroking soft skin
vivid breath of every second
echo of whispers 
dear guardian angel
thank you
for being here with me all the time


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16 Responses to one in the moment

  1. So tender, so full of trust. Guardian Angels will never let us fall.

    Beautiful, Poojy.

    Could you mean ‘cheeks’ in stead of ‘chicks’ in this phrase: ‘touch of the wind on her chicks’? If not, simply delete my words.

  2. aaremo says:

    Beautiful poem – the freshness of being alive and present, in the moment, fearless and joyfully free 🙂

  3. elisaruland says:

    Thank you for bringing a moment of clarity to our hectic world. Beautiful, Poojy!

    • poojycat says:

      oh, thank you Elisa! so happy you enjoyed it. i agree with you, our world is so “fast” and it is so important to stop for a second and see what’s in front of you. much love to you xx

  4. Life is good! Indeed!

  5. Łukasz says:

    ‘ tam na dole zostało wszystko to, co cię męczy. patrząc z góry wokoło, świat wydaje się lepszy. uczesane przez wiatry gołe szczyty połonin, proszą byś po nich poszedł, biesom, czadom się skłonił ‘ – eugeniusz olejarczyk

  6. sakuraandme says:

    So comforting! As always you make me smile. Night…I’ll re-blog this! hugs Paula xxxxx

  7. sakuraandme says:

    Reblogged this on depressionexists and commented:
    I love the thought of having a guardian angel! I need one right now…this is just too beautiful to not re-blog! Night everyone…hugs Paula xxxx

  8. Irish Katie says:

    Got here from depressionexists’ blog.

    I like the photo…and words. It seems so serene.

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