reflection over the sun

… in my dream, there is this little secret about sun…
Sun is shining every day. I might not be able to see it through the dense, cloudy sky but it’s there. I know that.
I take it for granted. 

it’s sunny above the clouds.

Simple as that…
…in my dream, this lovely sun warms up my skin, makes me wrinkle a bit. and makes me smile. sun always makes my lips stretch a bit more into sideways, lifts me up. 
So i choose to be thankful that there are some days, when clouds hide it from my eyes.
So i can miss it a little bit.  And experience those moments of longing emotions, because I know that sun will eventually show up from behind the clouds.

– So miserable and grey today – say my friend while we walk towards our work place – it will just make me more tired again, terrible weather.
– Yes… so grey – I murmur, sigh, smile and finally say – hard to see sun…

but I know it’s there, shining hard. Because I can’t see it now, why would that make me feel tired? or less energized? 
I choose to think a bit differently.
that’s all.
my little reflection over the sun…

above clouds


above clouds


above clouds

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