room of my soul

going into one of
the rooms
of my soul

I sit down restfully
on the cushion
made from my life

so comfortable


like awakening
on the top
of  my dream castle

breath in
I welcome peace

they say
the one who walks
in a gentle way
comes far
I know that

so well

breath out
I say goodbye to dread and fear

forgiving myself




isle of wight

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7 Responses to room of my soul

  1. The photo captures the breath of each of the emotions read and felt here. Beautiful, my friend.

    • poojycat says:

      such a lovely comment my friend! so happy you enjoyed this writing 🙂 and composing it i was so much focused on forgiving myself, amazing experience ~ much love to you

  2. Robyn Lee says:

    Your poetry is breathtaking Poojy – I love the analogy of the many “rooms of your soul” a lot~ Photo is pure peace. A wonderful post today – as always dear one – Love to you, Robyn

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  4. lukasz says:

    It is really You!

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