seeds of love
in my hands
I rest my mind
on the cushion
woven by faith
surrounded with happiness
from inside out
so easier
everything looks now


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13 Responses to faith

  1. Robyn Lee says:

    So beautiful these words ~ like a prayer – and filled with hope and anticipation!
    Love to you , Robyn

  2. sakuraandme says:

    I loved this so much. I hope all is well in your world! I’ll reblog. Hugs to you…Paula xx

  3. sakuraandme says:

    Reblogged this on depressionexists and commented:
    Hi Everyone!

    This is also too beautiful to not share!

    Have a great night everyone. I’m off to the casino…Wish me luck!! Lol

    Hugs to you all… Paula xxxx

  4. This is the power or our faith… extraordinary!!!

  5. SerachShiro says:

    Love 🙂 it and what a splendid photo !

  6. Very beautiful! tomas }{

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