treasures of life

full of treasures
brought in by waves
all this
is to me as a metaphor
of life

constantly flowing through my heart

my vision clear enough?

whispers of words from far
as velvet echo
so simple
i must remember

to wave
my life the way
i want to it to be

and keeping spindle in my hand
i use threads of change

i wave my life
my heart as a map
with lighthouse
in there

faith and trust

shells of dreams
treasures of life


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4 Responses to treasures of life

  1. What beautiful imagery you have expressed here. Love it!

  2. lukasz says:

    If you want your dream to be
    Build it slow and surely.
    Small beginnings, greater ends
    Heartfelt work grows purely.

    If you want to live life free
    Take your time go slowly.
    Do few things but do them well
    Simple joys are holy.

    Day by day,
    Stone by stone,
    Build your secret slowly.
    Day by day,
    You’ll grow too,
    You’ll know heaven’s glory.

    from St. Francis of Assisi

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