harmonious hearts

so happy

i always wanted
to write a poem in my head
just like that
while lying next to you

i see
and my eyes are closed now

sky at night
full of stars

above us

your breathing
sweet spells of love

you’ll kiss me later
that i know
from before

i feel
you are asleep


so nice to rest my head

your chest

up and down

like lullaby

i’ll join you soon

my mind
on a waves made from dreams
flies free

entering lands
known only to us

our hearts

dum dum

breath in
and out

we are
like two clouds
that wind
put into one

sweet lullaby 



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4 Responses to harmonious hearts

  1. This is beautiful, my friend…and breathtaking– the picture is perfect for your creation of sheer openness!

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