in your eyes

peace surrounds

i dive
in your eyes
so relaxig
it feels
comforting depths
of love

my eyes in your eyes
this moment
between our breaths
where there is
no time
no space
only connectedness

we are
pulsating stream of life
diving through the veins of leaves
reaching roots of tree
that we come from
up and down

creating a harmonious sign of infinity

your eyes in my eyes
we dive
into oneness
wrapped by touch of gentleness
trough the currents of life

peace surrounds


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4 Responses to in your eyes

  1. Ooooo, so mindfully peaceful. Thank you for this word meditation this morning as I enter my day. Divine.

  2. peace wrapped within love…powerful.

  3. poojycat says:

    thank you dear, happy you enjoy it 🙂

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