these moments

I enjoy these moments
of my heart’s solitude
in silence
I can easily recognise
my life is love
love is my life

I learn to enjoy
each second of my existence
knowing and trusting
that every step I take
brings goodness
to me 
to you
to us

My heart is full of gratitude
so warm in here

I look at the sun
a star of life
to the point
letting go of what I don’t need 
becomes so easy

in silence
in peace
I breathe

my soul in joy
speaks to your soul
we know each other so well
full of compassion
we walk


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9 Responses to these moments

  1. Lukasz says:

    dobrze jest odnaleźć wspólną drogę duszy i serca, kroczyć nią co dzień i pozostawiać jej ślady, chociażby w postaci wpisu, choć czasami tak trudno skomponować w słowach, to co się widzi i wie

  2. Divine words for this morning. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. I felt your gratitude in your words even before I reached the part where you wrote the word into your writing. Lovely view of life, my friend.

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