giving thanks


in a moment of peace

I give thanks

to the source of all peace


as I set forth

into the day

the birds sing

with new voices

and I listen

with new ears

and give thanks.


You can see forever

when the vision is clear

in this moment

each moment

I give thanks.
—Harriet Kofalk


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15 Responses to giving thanks

  1. andy1076 says:

    A beautiful post with a photo perfect for words 🙂

  2. In a busy world, it is easy to forget to be thankful. Hugs, Barbara

  3. R Kimbro says:

    It was exciting to wake up on such a beautiful mid-West Fall morning and find that you had quoted one of my mother’s poems. Thank you for a wonderful start to my day.

  4. ngubalan says:

    Reblogged this on Soft4Crack and commented:
    Folloe My Blog Please

  5. In your gratitude the birth of more blessings are created. How lovely!

  6. dunelight says:

    The days are such a struggle I sometimes forget to be thankful.

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