on love, healing and forgiveness

grey shadows on the sky
moved by wind
in a dance like
connection with all
expands continously

all that shows me 
that beyond every form
is Love
I know 

if I look for Love
I will find Love

it is in the end
a matter of focus
and freedom of choice
I have

beauty of nature that leaves imprints

on my heart
brings harmony

opportunities like snowflakes 
flow in a right order

the feeling of joy is deep
reminds the tree with its roots
spreading in all directions
reaching the source of life
frees from separation

healing takes place
as I forgive you
your unforgiveness

my mind quiet
my journey free and joyous


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8 Responses to on love, healing and forgiveness

  1. Lukasz says:

    yes, you will find Love. A poem like a reflection of your soul

  2. Love is very complex yet, so simple to give. I think it’s the kind of recipients & givers that brings the complexity into play– and not the givers who freely give pure love with no strings attached and not the recipients who embrace love…you know?

    • poojycat says:

      yes, I know what you mean Marie, I also think it is the perception each of us have about Love and… maybe ‘rules’ that go around Love (which not necessary have to be truth for individuals)… yes, complex yet, so simple to give… 🙂

  3. Look in the mirror. You ARE love. Beautiful words. Exquisite as always.

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