passing through


the anger passes through me
an extraordinary view
experience rather

it touches the roots of my feelings
trying to make some.. changes.. in me..
it’s cold
it doesn’t smell
completely filling up my head
I don’t like it
better not give it any chance to grow
I decide to transform

I breathe
then concentrate
focusing attention to other objects
litany of things I love
in my head
counting from one till ten
I breathe
then concentrate

I try to stay calm and comprehend
how smoothly it fades away
passing through me

at some point and unexpectedly
grateful for things invisible but vital

I touch the beauty that goes
beyond the limits of imagination
angelic whispers of encouragement



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4 Responses to passing through

  1. [ Smiles ] This is beautiful, my friend!

  2. Love the flow of your writing and the end. well done.

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