in book of my life

in book of my life
chapter by chapter
I learn the truth about me
if work is hard
so you might ask
but I would reply
not really and it depends

in book of my life
canvas is heaven
I’m drawing joy

all of the times

all comes and goes
there is nothing
and everything

and all of that
I put into pages
in words
in letters
black ink of life?
not really and it depends
pen in my hand
without any shape

all comes and goes
but that is life

on every page some happy note
blue question mark
mysterious blob
I also notice crossed word
like I would like to move back in time

in book of my life
I’m drawing joy
straight from my heart

all comes and goes
harmonious flow


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5 Responses to in book of my life

  1. Lukasz says:

    okrywasz niebo radością jak namiot narzutą…ładnie. I tak do utraty tchu, wciąż więcej i więcej

  2. Dear Pooji – I first read this last week when you posted it and now again in the weekly digest. As one whose life contains numerous “mysterious blobs” and “blue question marks” and even a few “crossed words,” I just had to chuckle at how wonderfully and humorously you included those aspects of our Book of Life that could have been regrets, moments or chapters unkindly regarded when looking back. I have very few regrets about my life; only those instances where I caused others pain. Mostly, these were my nearest and dearest ones. I ask forgiveness, knowing that there is no going back or “doing over.” Sometimes we get second chances to do things differently and if we do that can take us into another chapter with a slightly different story (time) line.I call that growth.

    These are my musings and reflections this morning, as I re-read and ponder your simple words about “in book of my life.”. Many blessings, my Friend, Alia

    • poojycat says:

      Dear Alia,
      thank you for all your words, I feel like you felt my intentions in these words and am happy that.. they actually make people wonder and ponder in their minds… I still learn from my every day ‘chapters’, especially how to be grateful for all little miracles that happen. In this Book of Life each of us has a special story to tell and share with others… I hope we all make it as joyous as possible.. And we might think what is at the end, but in some way I have this feeling that there is never end and all there love..
      Much love to you, my Friend, Agata

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