love in the bottle

Such love kept in the bottle,
not necessarily for special occasions.
You can share it at the dinner,
on Sunday afternoon,
add a pinch to the soup for a better taste,
more courage, improved health.

Such love kept on a shelf
also for a special occasions,
when sadness knocks to the door
when someone says something
and it hurts.

Love in a bottle handmade,
never empty, always full.
You can add few drops to tea,
when drinking by yourself,
sometimes only in the company of bitterness.

Love in the bottle for all sorrows,
cold in the joints, headache,
fever and dreams not the best.

Such a love kept in the bottle
not necessarily for special occasions,
always good to share with others,
for so,while talking about blooming lilac,
a broken plate, laughing child.


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4 Responses to love in the bottle

  1. Lukasz says:

    ładne, życiowe, smakowite. Polecam film Eliksir miłości /Love Potion No.9/

  2. I’ve known that love and savored every drop. Wonderful metaphors.

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