no title requirted

Even when it rains
it feels beautiful.
As of grey sky,
you can see, 

in some mysterious way,
an infinity of all shades of life.
maybe because the change of heaven is constant?
we know, the light turns into darkness
the darkness turns into light..
somewhere there, some say,
faith flourish,
that has no shape or end,
that can assist you to open to the wisdom within..
Nature of yin and yang invites you
to devote one minute of your life
and reflect on silence.
who knows? maybe one day
I was this raindrop from the sky,
in that grey day long time ago?
between ‘ what if’ and ‘maybe’
all we have is Now.

green sweden

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4 Responses to no title requirted

  1. sakuraandme says:

    So beautiful! Hope all is well in your world. Many hugs from down under, Paula xxx

  2. Lukasz says:


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