it’s time

it’s time
to give myself permission
to love myself deeply, 
with no terms or conditions.
I think I am that love, this love.

Black cat sits on the windowsill, looking into my room
and curious of life
that doesn’t belong to it’s own.

Some thought passes my mind
with a speed of light, soon it will pass..
What if harmony and inner peace
have the same meaning?
And all words on earth
match each other
at some level of existence
becoming one?

At times I find myself just stepping back for a second
to see
how life enfolds in front of me
where red poppies bloom

where sun sets carefully
where rain clears out all of my doubts..

Counting miracles
I rest. I smile.

It’s time. 
to give myself permission
to love myself
a little bit more than ordinarily.


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5 Responses to it’s time

  1. cichosza says:

    piękne maki i piękny wiersz …pozdrawiam

  2. Loving yourself opens the road to be loved by others. You thinking of us all as one brought to mind that no matter where we are on this planet we all enjoy the same sun and the same moon. The ripple effects of natures wonders and abuse. Hum a poem in working.

  3. Great use of words and we live for years and decades and when we look back all we can find are some moments. All shrunken to these moments. So, better to make sure we have sufficient moments when we look back 🙂

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