My Inner Truth

A gentle reminder about inner truth…

Empower Love


I finally recognized my inner truth today, of all the limits I put on myself were only false beliefs that have been passed on to me by other people or things. You were never born limited darling, never limited to love, never limited to life, never limited to goodness. You were born with unlimited love, unlimited potential, and the only limits you have, is the ones you put on yourself. You were born limitless, open to love, open to goodness, open to life. You were born miraculous, a miracle with innocence. Anything that’s blocking you from your inner truth is just an obstacle made up by yourself. You are the only controller of your thoughts and feelings, and YOU could choose to feel good anytime anyway.

YOU could choose to be happy if you want to, YOU could choose to accept love if you want to, YOU could choose to…

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