..on pain, past and healing..

” Time heals all wounds. That what they say, at the same time reminding us that past is gone.
Past – something that happened and will never come back. This something, that has its own shape. It’s full of emotions. And..it’s gone. Forever. 
It is important to understand that freeing from past is, very often, only a matter of having a strong desire to say:  ‘I do release the past’ or, in other words: ‘I do release pain from the past’, including all guilt and resentment towards people from the past experiences.
I release. I forgive (…)

There is a need for strength in us, to be willing to close all painful chapters from past. 
There is also a need for courage in us, to stand eye to eye with pain. Be a bit like an old Hercules, strong and brave enough to break chains of old memories and free pain with other emotions of ‘wrong happenings’ attached to it (…)
Pain. It is not necessity. Only at the beginning. Little reminder, that some of the pieces of life hurt. And they need to be released. It is, at the end, a part of inner growth. To be able to set pain free, make space for something new, better, full of love and kindness again (…)

The source of strength to let go of pain lies in human heart. It always been there. An inner power. Love.
Only love can be just enough support for human to be able to give permission for pain to go away. With loving desire for it to never come back. To go away with peace. 
The other important thing to be mindful about is the fact, that it is really ok to free ourselves from pain. It is ok to let it go away. Where to?
Some say: lovingly give it away to the Source of all things and trust, as it will be taken care of. And then the healing comes. Warm feeling. Like a sun rays that gently but firmly penetrate foggy sky or dark woods, eventually reaching the soil and filling it up with life (…)

Time heals all wounds. World is wonderful in this matter, it heals itself naturally and it helps to heal others. And the only thing it needs is your permission and willingness to accept help and all good changes coming up with it (…)”

                                                                                                        ~ ‘About pain and past’.
                                                                                                   from Thoughts Collected.


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2 Responses to ..on pain, past and healing..

  1. Lukasz says:

    mocne, dobre słowa Agata. dodam: najcięższe cierpienia, dają najjaśniejsze poznanie

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