prayers of thanks

far from unfinished thoughts.  
I sense
my heart is full of gratitude
(it looks like tree
strong and firmly rooted to the source of love)
full stop.
there is no time

there is now

and it’s safe in here and in now
and there is no need for more questions,

is there?
now and then
there are rainy days in my inner life..

one thought I have in mind
that often it is,
after all,
like other side of the coin,

the rain of happiness too
it is the one
that brings peace to the heart

I’m thankful for that.
more secrets.
life is as it is

there is no time
there is now
if you stretch your mind far enough
you will be able
to hear
whispers from nowhere
mixed with the wind and mist
an inner truth.
that it is good as it is
that you just need to trust
that it is enough
that every day
you say a little prayers of thanks
prayers of thanks
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5 Responses to prayers of thanks

  1. Adrian B says:

    Beautiful words with a lot of truth. A prayer will always find our inner truth.

  2. Lukasz says:

    if you stretch your mind far enough… well spoken

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