filled with

Looking behind, I am filled with gratitude, 
looking forward, I am filled with vision,
looking upwards I am filled with strength, 
looking within, I discover peace

~ Quero Apache Prayer


life is of the heart

Life is of the heart. 
my soul resting happily in your arms
your eyes
embracing my whole
gentle being
and me at peace with me

Life can only grow through the heart.
quietly listening to its beats
i can hear more now
sounds of peace it sends to you
and other way around
invisible touch
a silent power

Life is of the heart.
my mind free
visiting your world of acceptance
i see more of light
little sparks of brightness
shining from your heart to my heart to other hearts
there are no borders anymore

It is the soil of the heart where love grows 
life grows 
spirit grows

you told me that once
I remember now
long time ago
we are sitting on a grass
in the Garden of Souls
in stillness
listening to the truth