…always on a magic journey….


breathe in

breathe in
i enter
the bridge between me and my body
breathe out
all falls into line
like touching sky
i smile
in now
nothing else matters
more vital alive and fresh
i walk my path on earth
breathe in
breathe out


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spinning wheel of life

a spinning wheel
of life

I weave
one by one
a dreamy veil
behind which truth is hidden

allowing myself to recognize
which holes I need to fill
and knowing
my thread is strong
and fabric firm

I weave
one by one
expression of love
a coat of deary thoughts

You are the dreamer of the world of dreams
someone has told me once
I am as well
a spinning wheel of life

I weave

from time to time
I add a golden thread of peace
blended with filaments of joy
knowing of what I want to see
my mind is clear

I let the healing be




in your eyes

peace surrounds

i dive
in your eyes
so relaxig
it feels
comforting depths
of love

my eyes in your eyes
this moment
between our breaths
where there is
no time
no space
only connectedness

we are
pulsating stream of life
diving through the veins of leaves
reaching roots of tree
that we come from
up and down

creating a harmonious sign of infinity

your eyes in my eyes
we dive
into oneness
wrapped by touch of gentleness
trough the currents of life

peace surrounds



in agreement

in agreement
with me and not me
I fly on the waves of the river that I made from life threads

speaking in silence
letting go of what is no more needed

gentle flow

in agreement
with me and not me

move is smooth
change is open
inner grace shines through the glassy veil that covers my soul

in agreement
with me and not me

two is one
peacefully complete
empty but full

I walk over the bridge of acceptance
its bricks made from harmony

gentle flow

in agreement 
with me and not me

spirit of sun and light
embraces my heart
makes it bright

my heart is full of joy


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…with gratitude in my heart…

Originally posted on Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean:

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

Gratitude is a miracle-action in us. This miracle-action strengthens our physical body, purifies our vital energy, widens our mental vision and intensifies our psychic delight.

The seeker in us tries to be simple, pure, humble, sincere. Every spiritual seeker tries to cultivate these qualities in abundant measure. The easiest and most effective way to cultivate these qualities is to open the gratitude-flower and let it blossom inside our heart petal by petal. How can we do this? Not only do we have to give more importance to what we have, but we also must give all importance to what we do not have.

What we have is wishful thinking, wishful seeking, wishful becoming. Wishful thinking: We think that we shall be great or successful in some way. Wishful seeking: We seek the truth and light in our own way, in the place where we think truth and…

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full pockets

my pockets full of trust
i walk

pebbles are hard and smooth at times
wet under my feet
grass and sand touching the skin

the past is gone
and future yet to come

i hear
two butterflies
their wings dancing together in the air
surrounded by divine
the touch of sun rays
on my eyelids
in now
i smile

with peace in my heart
like full open sky

my pockets full of trust
i walk



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