dum dum

evaporating from her mind
too fast
embracing her heart
slow pulse
dum dum
wet sand between her toes
and salty wind
that melts all doubts
dum dum
hidden deep inside
her soul
dum dum
is it time to wake up?

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8 Responses to dum dum

  1. 1girl4adamwest says:

    I fell the in trepidation, well done!

  2. Robyn Lee says:

    Yes — know this feeling…. ambiguity — wonder — anticipation… it’s all there ~ and when we wake… dum dum ….. Great one Poojy! xo

    • poojycat says:

      so pleased you like it! I think I am becoming a master of “unclear and indefinite” as so many things can be understand so differently… 🙂

      • Robyn Lee says:

        Yes you are becoming a master of “ambiguity in life” — I think it’s going well… your posts just make the reader realize – it’s ok to be confused ~ we don’t need to have the answers – it’s all good! Love what you are doing! xo

      • poojycat says:

        Oh my dear, thank you for such a warm words! I have to agree though – its ok to be confused sometimes and there is nothing wrong with it – and also – yes, indeed – it is about looking for answers where there are no right answers, actually we don’t really need them! Warm hugs dear Robyn! xxo

  3. Bruce Ruston says:

    I Liked the repetition of the dum dum thought it worked well

    • poojycat says:

      thanks, I was actually wandering how in English you can describe the sound of heartbeat and found on-line many interesting versions, such as: thump thump, lub-dub, th-thump th-thump… 😀

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