a little bit about me

I’m just a child of God
perfect with all my imperfections,
and grateful
that the world, full of colours,
is able to excite
with an ordinary moment of silence.

Sometimes I listen to the crickets at night,
mostly their tales of courage,
stories about bravery from day before yesterday,
but really.. 

I’m just a child of God
dressed in a normal clothes,
I don’t wear
I like to feel the earth beneath my feet
moist and vibrant.

Like that, I’m walking since forever
in each of my step I find a goal,
in fit of a moon I see my path..

I’m just a child of God
seeing opportunities in every moment
and grateful
for I can say
‘thank you’, ‘I love you’.
From you and from what is now
I’m learning how to trust..

Sometimes I bath my thoughts in rays of sun
so they can be warmer
and pleasant to the touch,
but really..

I’m just a child of God
quite possible
from planet similar to Earth,
that, which exists in the distant future,
where they say legends about Van Gough,
sing songs of men that build their houses with bare hands..

Some other times an angel of peace
gently pokes my shoulder,
reminds to smile
for I have been given a gift of life and really..

I’m just a child of God
full of miracles

a child, who knows that it is all right 
to reach out
and receive them
with both hands


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14 Responses to a little bit about me

  1. Beautiful! You speak from my Heart today, and I so need to hear this… with much love, tomas

  2. Lovely, sweet child of god.

  3. Reblogged this on New Earth Heartbeat and commented:
    Just what I needed to hear today – Thank you Poojycat!

  4. Beautiful words and being a child of God is a wonderful thing. God is a proper name and should be capitalized. Just saying hope you don’t take offense.

  5. Lukasz says:

    jak ze snu, a ubrana w codzienność. tak już jest

  6. You and your words are divine perfection. Exquisite.

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