Autumn is coming

Again! Autumn is coming! My God…days are shorter and shorter… Its going to be raining more often and, especially in London, many days will be dark, covered by grey clouds without any chances for even a small spark of sun! It sounds so… Well, I am sure that in many people brains there is this switch, which want to be turned on: its autumn, time to feel depress!

But I think we should look at it from different point of view. It is just another part of the year and it has its own beauty in it. I look from the window at this big chestnut – it changing colours so quickly and the colours are just amazing. It reminded me of one of my journey to Richmond Park a year ago. Thanks to it, I truly discovered how beautiful autumn can be, with falling leaves, gentle mist in the morning and spectacular, just marvellous spectrum of many, different colours! 

I promised myself to explore it more and more this year! 🙂 So: lets forget what our brains are trying to do with our moods and simply: just start enjoying this special time of year! 🙂

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