Ask people about their pets.

There is this study (conducted on-line and on a large scale by psychologist Richard Wiseman) examining the possible relationship between the personality of owners and their pets.
Over 2000 owners rated their personality and personality of their pets on several factors (e.g. sociability, emotional stability and a sense of humour). In addition, they indicated how long they had owned their pet.

Fish owners turned out to be the happiest, dog owners the most fun to be with, cat owners the most dependable and emotionally sensitive and reptile owners the most independent.

Weirdly, the results also revealed telling differences in rating pets’ sense of humour. According to their owners, 62% of dogs have a good sense of humour, compared to just 57% of fish, 48% of cats, 42% of horses, 38% of birds and 0% of reptiles.

The findings also revealed significant similarities between the personality of the owners and their pets. Interestingly, this similarity increased over time, suggesting that pets may slowly come to adopt their owners’ personality or vice versa. For years, owners have insisted that their have a unique personality – not only study result suggest that they might be right, but also revealed that people’s pets are a reflection of themselves.

So if you meet someone who has a dog and want to gain a genuine insight into their personality within seconds, ask them to describe the personality of their canine pal. 

These are my lovely cats with crazy, crazy personality 😉

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4 Responses to Ask people about their pets.

  1. Andy says:

    Well it’s good to know that you are “dependable and emotionally sensitive” shame about your sense of humour!……:)

    • poojycat says:

      heh 😉 I must say, secretly… that my lovely cats have amazingly big sense of humour 😉 Did you find anything interesting about yourself?

      • Andy says:

        TBH I don’t have pets!…. I do like animals in general however, does that say something about me other than I can’t commit the time required to dedicated to one animal?…….

      • poojycat says:

        So you are busy like a bee? 😉 In my opinion we don’t have to have pets as long as we love all animals anyway 😉

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