big stage

I am a dancer
on a stage of my life
vivid, alive, full of energy
I put a smile on my face
this secret make-up
that makes my play
going smooth with the screenplay
I will be later on
maybe a mime artist
this seamless character 
in a sketch of my life
mute, ignorant, sarcastic
I will turn my face 
into still sculpture
serious, not funny this time
which will melt 
on another occasion 
and change it's appearance
when a new act of my play
what will be next
I don't know
I'm sure
life will show
big screenplay
huge stage
and me
small tiny


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4 Responses to big stage

  1. magnasubrosa says:

    Thank you for that!

  2. Heartfelt from the first word to the last word!!!! wonderful writing.

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